Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Sacone
Vigneti Tormellina
Villa Fulcheri


Our historical boxes

The quality of production embraces the quality of the design. Our boxes are made with the passion, the quality, the tradition and the innovation of our products. They are the ideal gift to leave a mark in the minds and hearts of those who receive it... Then it will be the turn of the taste and aroma. We are sure that all your senses will be delighted.

These are the possible combinations:

• Three boxes of Cultivar Taggiasca
• Three packages of Cultivar Taggiasca*
• Two packages Cultivar Taggiasca and a bottle of wine*
• One package of Cultivar Taggiasca and two bottles of wine*
• Three bottles of wine*

The choice is yours.

*To choose between Vermentino, Lumassina, Tormellina, Il Roseto.

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